Traditional vs. Relational marketing

Do you know how to differentiate traditional Marketing vs relationship marketing?

Surely you know, or at least have ever heard, the terms “Relationship Marketing” and “Traditional Marketing”. Well, could you say what kind of marketing strategy your company follows?

In the event that your main objective is to sell , and of course, to win, win and win, Skymarketing must tell you that you follow a traditional marketing strategy . Even if you think this approach is positive, you are wrong. You should know that following a traditional marketing strategy was worth it before, but not now. While if your goal is to establish long-term relationships with your clients, offer an experience and generate value for both parties, among many other things, congratulations! You are on the right track.

“Creating and maintaining lasting and stable relationships over time is the main objective of relationship marketing.”  

After this brief description of the objectives of each strategy, we are going to delve deeper into the matter and discover how to differentiate traditional Marketing vs Relationship Marketing.

Thus, you will be able to deepen (in the case that you are still anchored in traditional marketing), about the wonders that relationship marketing can bring to your company.

1. Knowing how to differentiate Traditional Marketing vs. Relational marketing

We will now analyze what kind of qualities each type of marketing has according to its orientation, relationship, contact with the client, communication, advertising, after-sales segment, desired results and level of satisfaction.

1.1 Characteristics of Traditional Marketing

  •  Orientation: to the economic benefit, that is, an increase in sales.
  •  Relationship: in the short term, their fidelity does not matter.
  •  Contact with the client: sporadic contact, scarce. Low emphasis on customer service.
  •  Communication: unidirectional (company to client).
  •  Advertising: direct and massive (traditional media), since its target audience is broad, homogeneous and mass.
  •  After-sales segment: little or none, since its sale is quick and immediate.
  •  Desired results: sales closed, order volume.
  •  Satisfaction level: satisfied customers with a purchase, since their center of activity is the product / service.



1.2 Relational Marketing Features

  •  Orientation: to the customer relationship, creating an exchange of value, not only economic.
  •  Relationship: medium / long term. WIN-WIN, generating value for both parties.
  •  Customer contact: continuous, direct contact. High emphasis on customer service
  •  Communication: bidirectional and collaborative (company-client).
  •  Advertising: personalized, that is, it is not focused or directed to the mass, but to small groups of people (targets).
  •  After-sales segment: continued, as it offers experiences beyond a product or service. They seek customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  •  Desired results: confidence, continuous learning. Mutual benefits and constant evolution.
  •  Satisfaction level: clients satisfied with the relationship.

“We are in the middle of a revolution. A revolution in which the traditional principles and models of marketing will become obsolete. A revolution that will change the face of marketing forever. A revolution that will replace traditional attributes and benefits marketing with relationship marketing”


2. Traditional Marketing Strategies vs. Relational marketing 

Now that you know both approaches better, as a summary we are going to highlight the main strategies of Traditional Marketing vs. Relational marketing.

  •  Attract vs. Loyalty

While the main objective of traditional marketing is to attract and attract the maximum number of customers, relationship marketing aims to more than attract, retain them. And how is this achieved? It is not as complicated as you think. The continuous exchange of information will generate greater knowledge and this will create VALUE.


Ah! You must not forget that following a relationship marketing strategy will not only favor the permanence of your current clients, it will also help to get new ones, thanks to the role of “ambassadors” that your satisfied clients will exercise among their circles.



  •  Persuasion vs. Information

In the early days of marketing, the form of communication between company and client was very focused on persuading and attracting the maximum public, making use of the benefits or benefits of the products. Fortunately, this is no longer the case today.

Now, companies (mostly), focus on generating valuable information, as a way to retain and keep their customers satisfied.


We have the best way to attract … and fall in love


  •  Homogenization vs. Differentiation

As a result of the saturation of new products that invade our days, the values ​​of “quality” and “innovation” no longer have the power that they previously had.

As a consequence, companies and brands must look for other elements to be able to differentiate themselves from their competition. Do you know what they could be? The quality of the service and the treatment with the client. Some intangibles that could crown your company as a benchmark.


  •  Products vs. Experiences

Nowadays, thanks to the continuous evolution of marketing, it is no longer necessary to speak of “products”, but of “experiences”.

Now, thanks to relationship marketing, the product has become the best way to develop customer experiences. The interactions and continuous exchanges of information between both parties help to generate an experience that will remain in the memory of our clients.





  •  Short term vs. Medium-long term

As we have been advancing throughout the post, the objective of traditional marketing was to sell quickly, without taking into account either the type of customer or their loyalty (new, current, previous …). To achieve the highest number of closed transactions or sales, use was made mainly of commercial promotions.

Against this, relationship marketing focuses on relationships of value and trust, which will favor profitability, as the relationship between the parties progresses.


  •  Mass marketing vs. Personalization

Every day we are exposed to more than a thousand impacts of products, and only a small proportion of them manage to be retained in our memory. Mass marketing today has very little to do with those companies that opt ​​for personalization strategies, that is, that specifically address the needs of small groups of people.

The location of interest groups, who share patterns of consumption and behavior, is great to be able to design strategies or actions focused on them, generating value.


  •  Figures vs. Knowledge

Ignorance and lack of data is something that characterized traditional companies.

At present, thanks to the development of relational strategies, these have favored the obtaining of valuable information: personal data, interests, purchasing habits, preferences…

The exploitation (in the good sense of the word) of this information can put us in a very advantageous position compared to our competitors. Thanks to this, we will be able to improve our way of contacting customers, our value proposition, will favor decision-making, among many other things. And yes, once again we have seen how information is power.


Do you want to know some B2B companies that have succeeded thanks to Relationship Marketing in Connext? Get to know their success stories!


  1. Fermax. Amultinational specialized in video intercoms and home communications had a website designed to reach end consumers, but they had little traffic and conversion from their main customers: installers and distributors.

For this reason, they decided to create a professional website with a technical blog to share more specialized information about their systems and create a recruitment channel that would allow them to be in direct contact with their buyer personas. Do you want to know what your result was? Find out in your success story!



Customer Success Manager for Real Estate – What is it? You need?

The Customer Success Manager for real estate is perhaps one of the most amazing professions within a sales process that is developing its gears.

After all, when this function is done well, it is able not only to retain your real estate clients for much longer, but also to bring in new ones in a short period of time.

The work of the CSM is complex. After all, this is human work. Each customer is unique and each situation will also be unique. And because of that, it is difficult to elaborate a “magic recipe” that solves everything in a linear way.

However, at the same time, it is precisely because of this “human complexity” that CSM has the ability to offer its real estate company some insights that were previously invisible.

In today’s text, we will better understand the work of this professional and will also see how he can fit into a ready-made work structure. Follow up!


Customer Success Manager for Real Estate – What is it?

A Customer Success Manager professional is, at its essence, a customer success manager. In other words, he is a professional who will manage everything that revolves around the client so that he (the client) has a good experience with your real estate product or service – no matter what.

From the moment a customer feels fulfilled, happy and satisfied with a product, the tendency is that many other businesses will leave from it. It can be a recurring sale or it can be a referral.

Both situations are very beneficial for your real estate company and you should, yes, prioritize your margin increases organically. After all, to have a high return, there’s nothing better than reusing tools and efforts, right?

In this way, we can understand the Customer Success Manager professional in different ways. But, all of them, with an exclusive focus on making your real estate company retain customers, satisfy them and, who knows, sell more and at higher prices.

After all, from a human point of view, people feel much more confident and calmer when they realize that the company is much more willing to help, than necessarily selling.

But a CSM – Customer Success Manager – is responsible, then, for real estate sales? The answer is no. This professional will not take care of your company’s sales or marketing department.

However, it will be a foundation between both activities, making performance improve over time.

From a practical point of view, we can understand the client success manager as someone who will work solely and exclusively with the success, in practice, of his client.

Have you ever stopped to think that when you make a sale, the only one who succeeds with it can’t be your real estate agent? There are much higher levels after the sale and they need to be reached for long-term corporate health.

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Client Success Area – How to Implement a Client Success Manager in Your Real Estate

It is not always easy to implement a sector or a professional in your real estate. Especially if there is already some kind of pre-defined management – ​​and it works.

Many will question the need to change a winning team. However, know that this is not only necessary, but also essential to understand the motivations for the results – positive or negative – of your real estate company.

Thus, to implement a successful customer manager, you will need to understand that from this professional, many other demands may arise.

And before you think this will do more harm than good, think about this: no great results will happen overnight. And, much less, without moving the proper “levers”.

There is no formula or recipe for a Customer Success Manager to work right for your real estate.

However, it is essential that it is aligned with the goals you have stipulated in your business plan. If not, it may seem like things aren’t working – when in fact, they’re just disorganized.

Following a plan is critical. Regardless of the area of ​​activity or real estate segment you are inserted.

Without a plan, you’re going to random locations. And the results, of course, will also be random. And this is very bad. So, no matter how qualified your real estate team is, without a plan or a goal, the results won’t show.

And to help you implement a customer success manager, Blue world City have separated three topics that can guide the initial steps. See below:

  • Associate CSM (Customer Success Manager) with the after-sales department;
  • Your real estate client needs to be able to use the systems you provide;
  • Use customer feedback to update and improve your real estate systems;

We’ll talk about each step individually from now on. Keep reading.


Associate CSM (Customer Success Manager) with the after-sales department

One of the most viable ways to implement a CSM – Customer Success Manager – in your real estate is through the association of this professional with the after-sales system that already exists.

As you know, after-sales is part of creating your real estate ‘s credibility, branding and image. Simply selling unsold is out of the question.

Selling alone cannot be your company’s ultimate goal. Otherwise, several other pillars of growth will be left behind. Which, obviously, sucks.

After-sales is not just a sector with a “nice name”. It is what will make a customer buy back a product and refer your real estate to potential other customers.

Think about the following: all the effort your real estate company makes to gain clients can be diluted and reduced by half from the moment that the same client makes two purchases.

This customer’s average ticket has the potential to double. And how to do this? With after-sales. Which is, in practice, a way to win new business for the long term.

And in the midst of all this, the client’s successful professional should come in to be able to extract as much as possible from a client who has already placed their trust in their real estate agency.

Next to after-sales, the CSM will have access to numbers, data and all the information necessary to start developing winning strategies so that the product that the customer has purchased is well used.

As an example, let’s imagine a real estate system with recurring and monthly payments. In order for a customer to keep paying and stay active in the product, they need to:

  1. Find benefit in the product;
  2. Have results with the product;
  3. Completely understand the tool;

And how will these three steps be possible? With the help of a CSM, who will take the client by the hand and help him with whatever is necessary so that he does not cancel the plan and, who knows, recommend it to a friend.

This is the power of relying on the services of a good customer success manager.


Your real estate client needs to be able to use the systems you have available

Another factor that makes hiring a customer success manager, or Customer Success Manager for real estate agencies, essential is the need for your customer to know how to use the product you offer.

In the previous example, we were able to understand very well the importance that this professional has for the client’s success, in practice. After all, we cannot be selfish to think only about our success. But we also need to think about the success of those people who help us succeed – our customers.

Thus, regardless of the types of products that your real estate company sells, or the types of services it provides, it is essential that the customer feels more than satisfied.

Achieving satisfaction is also a bit of after-sales responsibility. The customer needs to feel that he was finally successful with the purchase.

If you sell a system, the customer needs to know how to use each tool. If you sell a service, the customer needs to know how to take advantage of every detail of this service. If you sell a property itself, then the client needs to take advantage of every detail of this property. All of this will be up to your customer success manager.

In a playful way, as mentioned above, CSM will take your client’s hand and lead him to the maximum success he could have with the use of a product or service from your real estate company. For long-term effects this is fantastic, as it retains, loves, brings and generates even more cash.

Here’s how testimonials from satisfied customers can help too.


Use customer feedback to update and improve your real estate systems

And yet, as a way to implement other sectors of your real estate, Customer Success Manager is responsible for capturing valuable information that can be quickly converted into new strategies.

In other words, feedback, when properly used, is one of the most powerful tools to improve and polish a product or service that, theoretically, is already good.

Product or service managers are often not sure what to do or which paths to follow, afraid to change a winning team or even not knowing what the best paths to improve something would be.

And with the feedback coming straight from the source, many new ideas could come up. 

This is an advanced step that requires some kind of proximity and also requires that the gears are actually already sustainably turning in your real estate.

However, this does not mean that the feedbacks are not valid for real estate companies that are just beginning. On the contrary! In this case, they are even more incredible, as they will provide a more lucid path for whoever makes things happen.

If you want to leave a personalized product or service, there’s nothing better than asking the opinion of those who already use it, right?

And doing this through a customer success manager is undoubtedly the best way. Opportunities will appear, because this professional will know how to create these opportunities!

What is the importance and benefits of a Customer Success Manager for real estate agents?

This is a professional capable of generating different types of important demands within your real estate agency. However, generating demands does not mean “creating a mess”.

After all, professionals who solve problems are better than those who create problems, aren’t they?

However, some types of demands will be completely necessary for your real estate company to continue growing. From good insights with conversations and proximity to the customer, many new ideas for products and services may emerge.

And this, of course, cannot be forgotten or overlooked by you. We have separated some topics that help to better understand this process:

  • Brings the customer closer to the company and enables personalized follow-up;
  • It builds long-term trust and credibility – Which is great for word-of-mouth marketing;
  • The level of return or cancellation of contracts will tend to decrease;

Let’s talk about each of them below. Follow up.


Brings the customer closer to the company and enables personalized follow-up

A customer who is close to your company is a potential customer forever – even if they have already purchased a product that solved a problem at that time. From the moment you are able to monitor, in a personalized way, the daily lives of your customers, everything will be easier from a marketing point of view.

Creates long-term trust and credibility – which is great for word-of-mouth marketing

Word of mouth marketing is still the best of all. Someone who buys a product, loves to know that a friend has already bought from the same company and was happy. This type of relationship helps in all of your company’s growth criteria. And, of course, a customer success manager can help with that as the level of satisfaction will soar.

The level of return or cancellation of contracts will tend to reduce

And finally, Customer Success Manager for real estate will help your business experience fewer returns or contract terminations. The more amazing a product is for someone, the less chance of a return. Which is great for securing more assets in the long run!

Count on Ville Imob to help your real estate grow and good sales!



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People prefer to choose local platforms to sell and buy items. Locals buyers are trusted and they cannot provide false services/products because they have to maintain their reputation. If you are looking for local house buyers, we buy houses Greendale WI and we are Cream City’s local house buyers.

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We are direct home buyers

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Save your time and money

Selling your house to us (Milwaukee Home Solutions) does not only save your money but also time.

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Steel types used in knife blades

Different steel types are used and inducted in knife blades. Here you can get the basic information about them. Like, some of the Damascus steel knives have blades made of carbon, chromium, or cobalt and some are made of manganese and nickel. You can check out this recent guide and if you have any questions about it, then feel free to ask.

Moreover, there exist some differences between all the types and kinds of steel used in knife blades. For the information, basic steel is a combination and fusion of iron and carbon. Over time, different elements are added and inducted into the main part of it. The addition of these different elements increases the overall hardness and toughness aspect of your handmade knives.

Steel type ingredients used in knife blades

  • Your knife blade can be made of carbon steel. This is an essential ingredient that is important for steel creation. Furthermore, all kinds of steel possess some amount and trace of carbon in them. Keep in mind that this is the most important and significant hardening element but its abundance may bring down your knife toughness side.
  • In addition, a chromium steel blade has the potential to combat corrosion at its end. We have noticed that a large number of Stainless steel knives contain chromium in them. This element act as a major ingredient while making a knife blade. The induction of chromium increases your knife strength. However, the constant addition of chromium may decrease blade toughness as well.
  • Cobalt material strengthens your knife blade on the highest notes. In the same way, copper made blades manage to combat and fight back with corrosion. If a knife blade is made of manganese, then that ingredient hardens your blade. On the same note, if this same ingredient is going to be kept on adding in high quantities, then this practice may increase your knife brittleness.

More details on the Steel types used in the making of knife blades

Molybdenum material tends to maintain your knife blade strength on the maximum notes. The catchy part is that this knife retains its overall strength no matter you use it at high temperatures. Nickel material adds further toughness to your knife. And nitrogen element is often used as a replacement if one does not want to use carbon in the steel.

Phosphorus ingredient brings a lot more strength and improved performance to your knife. Then this silicon ingredient plays the same role and increases the strength of your knife. Besides, Sulfur boosts and enhances machinability but its drawback is that it decreases toughness. Tungsten claims and promises to increase the wear resistance part of your knife.

Lastly, Vanadium improves the aspect of wear resistance and thus successfully makes your knife blade harder. Hence, we have seen that a certain alloy guarantees to make your blade harder.

You can keep in mind this general rule that the harder the steel, it means the longer it will hold and retain its edge. In other words, it demands less and minimum frequent sharpening.

So, what understanding you have got from this piece of writing? Do share your feedback about it and keep in touch with us.



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