Commercial Roof Restoration or Replacement – What to Choose?

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How to retain customers and generate more revenue with a good after-sales strategy

See how to plan an after-sales strategy to retain, retain and generate more revenue from the customers your company already has

After-sales is the stage that begins when the customer closes a deal with a company. The objective of continuing the relationship with the consumer after the purchase is to ensure that he is satisfied with the product or service purchased, returning to do business with the company in the future or referring it to friends and family.

Despite knowing the importance of retaining customers, many companies still focus excessively on attracting them. It’s not that the search for new customers should be left out, but it needs to be combined with loyalty strategies.

One way to do this is through post-sales, a step after the sale, which is to ensure that customers have a good experience using the product or service they have purchased. The idea is that, if the relationship continues and is successful after the purchase, the chances of that person buying again and even referring the company will be greater.

In this article, you’ll find out everything about this important step, but still neglected by many companies. Read on to know what it is, how important it is and how to make a good after-sales!

What is after-sales?

It is a mistake to think that the relationship with the consumer must end when a deal is closed. In fact, it’s the other way around. It is precisely after completing the sale that the company must invest in shares to retain and retain this consumer.

This is where post-sales comes in, a stage that, as the name suggests, takes place after closing the deal between company and customer. At this stage, the company concerned with retention and loyalty seeks to apply strategies that ensure that the customer is successful with the purchased product or service, having their expectations and needs met.

How important is after-sales?

Having a good after-sales strategy can be a great differential over your competitors, making your business remembered by consumers because of the good experience it offers.

With loyal customers buying on a recurring basis, you need to worry less about attracting new customers. Attracting customers, by the way, is usually cheaper than retaining them, did you know?

Another benefit of not leaving customers out after the checkout is that you’ll get more referrals from current customers this way. How many times have you recommended a company to a friend or family member after having an amazing experience? So it is. When you receive referrals, there is no need to chase customers, they will come to you.

The steps of the after-sales funnel

You’ve certainly heard of the sales funnel, a representation of the steps the customer goes through, from the first contact with the company to the closing of the deal. What you might not know is that, after the purchase, we can include the customer in another funnel: the after-sales funnel. It is usually divided into four steps:

  • Adoption: is the moment when the customer starts using your product or service. The company’s challenge at the moment is to transform punctual consumption into something that is repeated and becomes part of the consumer’s routine;
  • Retention: phase that starts right after adoption, when your company must focus on ensuring that the customer sees value in your product or service on an ongoing basis;
  • Expansion: the customer already recognizes the value of your product or service and starts to bring more direct revenue to your company, that is, increases the average ticket;
  • Advocacy: the client starts to act as an advocate for his brand and starts to generate indirect income, helping to acquire new clients.

How to map the Customer Journey?

In order to do a good after-sales, it is important, in addition to knowing the path, to analyze how the customer takes it. That’s what the Customer Journey, or Customer Journey, is for, which begins as soon as a person becomes a customer. Attention: don’t confuse it with the Buying Journey, which focuses on the steps that precede the sale.

The first step in developing a good after-sales strategy is to map what marks each of the steps in your company’s after-sales funnel. For this:

1. Look at customers who have successfully traveled this journey

Make a survey of customers who do business with your company on a recurring basis, those who started to bring in more revenue over time or even who have become advocates of your brand. Understand their journey and what they did in common along that path.

2. Look for customers you’ve lost along the way

You know those customers who had everything to have a great relationship with your company, but left and you never heard from them again? How was their trajectory different from successful clients?

3. Analyze the frequency of use/purchase of your product or service

The objective here is to understand what should be considered an ideal frequency of use or consumption of your product or service. If there is information available in the market, it is interesting to do a benchmarking to compare the frequency with the average of your market.

4. Understand what your customer’s goals are and when they are achieved

How does your customer perceive the value of your product or service? The answer to this question varies greatly depending on the type of business and specific segment of the company.

The value can be financial return in the case of B2B businesses — RD customers, for example, when they hire marketing automation software, expect that investment to be reflected in a sales result over time.

But there are also emotional and social returns, such as status, quality of life, expression of a personal value, for example, care for the environment. In this case, it is interesting to investigate what are the emotional motivators that lead the customer to consume your product or service.

From the analysis, establish which are the milestones that define each of these steps and which indicator demonstrates that the customer is ready to take the next step. Your after-sales strategy will be designed to encourage the customer to move forward on this journey.

after sales

How to delight customers after sales?

Now that you already know the concepts of after-sales, after-sales funnel and Customer Journey, smart city lahore can go on to some tips on how to delight your customers at this stage.

Follow up

The follow-up should not be done only during the sale. In post-sales, this tool is valuable, serving to question the customer about the positive and negative points in the use of the product or service so far.

Gathering feedback shows that the company cares, and allows you to discover what points should be maintained and what needs to be improved in your strategy. Show that you care about the consumer’s opinion and make yourself available to listen to them.

Offer exclusive benefits

A good way to retain and retain your customers is to make them feel special. One way to do this is by offering exclusive benefits, which can be sent on special dates, such as birthdays, Christmas, Customer’s Day.

These benefits can be discounts, exclusive promotions or other offers that make sense. If you’re launching a new product, feature, or service, how about inviting existing customers to meet them first? Let them try it before the rest of the audience and, if they decide to buy, offer a special discount.

For those who sell products, sending samples to see other options in your catalog is a good idea. And you can also encourage sharing on social media, which helps make your brand better known.

Have efficient support

An efficient support is the basic for a good after-sales. The support team must be organized, well-trained and efficient, and the communication channels with the company must be integrated and easy to find.

A good service is an excellent opportunity to delight consumers. But it can also be a shot in the foot if it is of poor quality, generating negative reviews and complaints on the internet. Therefore, pay special attention to this point.

Use the right tools

A CRM software allows you to integrate the company’s after-sales actions, helping in the relationship with the consumer even after the deal has been closed. That’s because the tool gathers information about the customer, their purchase history, among other data, which allows personalized service.

How to make post-sales content? Ideas for each of the 4 stages of the Customer Journey

Content production is not just for attraction. Quality materials are, yes, very useful in after sales. See some examples used in the market at each stage of the Customer Journey, which we talked about earlier:

1. Adoption

Welcome email

Who doesn’t like to feel welcome when going somewhere for the first time? Making your customer feel welcomed and demonstrating that your company intends to establish a lasting relationship can be a beautiful differential. The welcome email is the most widespread after-sales content on the market.

Some companies use the welcome email as a trigger to encourage the next purchase by offering exclusive gifts and even discounts for the next visit.

In the case of services that already have a recurrent nature, such as gyms and educational institutions, for example, this communication is even more necessary so that the customer remains engaged from the beginning and does not give up even before starting to enjoy the service.

Marketing automation with a focus on activation

Is there any time lag between the customer purchasing your product or service and actually starting to use it? Or even initial barriers that need to be removed?

The main purpose of activation flows is to send a series of emails, showing the customer what actions he must take — and in what order, thus leading him to extract the initial value of the product in question.

This type of content is especially valid for highly complex products to prevent the customer from being disappointed or interrupting use before reaching the maximum potential of the product or service.

Online or face-to-face training sessions

And since we are talking about complex products, if this is the case for your business, it might be interesting to invest in closer contact with the customer in this initial period.

In the technology area, it is very common to have specialized consultants to assist in the implementation, and it can even be a service paid separately by the client.

In simpler cases, online training sessions with one or several customers at the same time can be a good alternative to help the consumer in the first steps with the new product until it becomes part of their routine.

Video tutorials

The format is widely explored in the areas of education and technology, but with a little creativity it can be used for almost all segments. The proof of this is that YouTube is full of tutorials on the most diverse topics imaginable.

Some ideas on what can be explored in tutorials about your product or service:

  • How to deal with the most common challenges of those who are starting to use the product/service
  • What to do to reach the maximum potential of the solution
  • How to make initial settings

2. Retention

Satisfaction surveys

Asking your customer how satisfied they are with your product or service is an excellent way to show that your company is genuinely committed to the quality of what you deliver.

But it is not enough to send the survey, it is important to have a plan on how to solve the problems pointed out by dissatisfied customers and give feedback on the feedback received.


The format widely used for Lead generation is also an excellent opportunity to strengthen ties with your company’s customers.

In addition to serving as training sessions about your product/service, webinars can help scale up your support service by opening a communication channel that allows you to interact with multiple customers at the same time.

Checklists and video series focused on “tasks to be accomplished”

What tasks is your customer focused on doing today with your product or service? To generate recurrence, it is essential to keep the consumer active and getting frequent results.

Think of activities that can be done in short cycles and generate small wins for your customer. Create checklists or video series encouraging completion of tasks to achieve the desired result.

3. Expansion

Usage reports and suggestions for optimizing results

What kind of information can your company generate about your customer’s success?

Is it possible to know how the frequency of use is in relation to other consumers or even if the results obtained are below or above average? Or who knows how to warn that the product’s useful life is coming to an end and it might be interesting to buy a new one?

The important thing here is to use the information you have available to encourage your customers to get even better results, whether by purchasing more robust service packages, purchasing new models or complementary products.

Success stories

This is another format widely used in the process of acquiring new customers and which also has great value in the after-sales.

The success stories help the customer to view more complete solutions and be inspired by other consumers or businesses who have already achieved the results he desires.

Having successful cases focused on upgrades and upsell can be a good card up your sleeve for your revenue expansion strategy.

Product News

And since you want your customer to invest more in your products or services, it’s only fair to keep you up to date with news and releases, right?

Giving an air of exclusivity and offering the chance to test or even purchase first-hand releases is a good way to further strengthen ties and make your customer feel special.

4. Advocacy


Do you want your client to be an advocate for your brand? So give him VIP treatment in return!

Exclusive communities for the most engaged customers are a great space for exchanging experiences, feedback and incentives for customers to advocate for you.


They are widely used in communities, but can be done by other channels such as WhatsApp, email and social networks.

If you already have a group of customers willing to speak highly of your company, be creative and look for ways to interact with them.

How about offering an exclusive gift for those who post the best photo/phrase with your campaign’s hashtag or have the best score in a quiz about your product?

Recommend a friend

This type of campaign is widespread in the market, but to bring the expected return it is necessary for the customer to have a mature relationship with your company. Otherwise, the indication in exchange for a benefit, gift or discount, loses its purpose and becomes ineffective.

There’s nothing to stop you from offering a customer a benefit in exchange for the recommendation, but the more spontaneous the recommendation, the better!

Automation for promotion

Did your customer get top marks in the satisfaction survey? You can create an automation flow that, upon identifying a high score, sends an invitation for the customer to leave a testimonial on your company’s website or social media in exchange for an exclusive gift.

But beware: the proposal is not to “buy” a good evaluation, but to encourage the customer to publicize the satisfaction shown in the survey!

A good business process is important

We hope these tips will help your company to start an after-sales content planning to explore the benefits of this funnel, having customers increasingly loyal and engaged with your brand.

Remembering that, to get to the after-sales, it is necessary to have a well-structured commercial process, which guarantees good sales results.



What is 3m Window Tint?

The first thing that comes in mind is that what is window tint? So, window tint is a sheet that we apply on our vehicle’s window, office window or even house window in order to get protected from the ultra violet rays. It also provides privacy in a way that we can see what is happening outside but the outsiders are unable to inside. It also prevents heat entering the vehicle or a building’s window.

3M window is considered to be one of the best window tints because its features are much more efficient than others. Not only it provides privacy but also it makes our windows attractive. It reduces heat and blocks harmful rays. It provides a layer of protection. It takes a very little time for keeping it clean.  3m window tints provide security. It makes driving easy for the drivers. Even if the driver is not wearing sunglasses the driver can easily drive without any danger.

Installation of 3m window tints can be done easily. All you have to do is to go to the shop. 3m window tints are done in Pakistan as well as in abroad. One of the main purposes of this window tinting is that it prevents crime.

Where is 3m window tinting used?

Vehicles: 3m window is most famous in vehicles. Now it has become the basic need. It not only insures security but also makes the vehicle look cool and attractive. During accidents, it prevents the glass to break inside the vehicle no doubt that the broke but it stick to the tint rather than falling inside and harming the humans. It does not heat up the vehicle even in hot summer day but also does not allow harmful rays to enter the vehicle. It makes driving safe and easy.

Households: If you are not using any type of tints on your window at house then direct sunlight will approach inside your house and the color of your carpet fades away not only this direct sunlight increases the  temperature of the house. Also harmful rays will also enter your house so if want to get rid if this just apply window tints on your house windows in order to protect yourself from many accidents like theft and harmful rays passing through your body. So, you must use 3m window tints in order to make your house safe and attractive as it adds beauty to the house.

Office buildings: You must install 3m window tints in your offices for your comfort. It makes the building cool and attractive. During, work you will feel comfortable to work in the environment as it reduces 78% of the sunlight to enter the office building and also block 97% of the harmful ultra violet rays to enter the office. So in order to save yourself you must install a 3m window tints.


As mentioned before that it has many benefits of Window Tinting. One of the most important advantages is that it provides privacy. While driving, the driver can drive even without sun glasses safely on a hot summer day. Thieves can’t break the windows to enter the car, house or office as it provides security and safety.

During accident, if the window glass brakes then the pieces of the glass will not smash they just stick to the tint which prevents injuries. It does not block the natural light it only blocks the harmful rays. The window looks more classy.


Whatever is your problem the only solution is 3m window tinting. According to me, we must prefer 3m window tinting instead of simple window tint because our first priority must be our safety and privacy and for this purpose 3m window tints are the best option. Once, you are done with 3m window tinting you won’t regret. It must be done not only on vehicle’s window but also in houses and in offices to provide complete security as we know that in this world nothing is save but also everything is our hands so we must take a chance with 3m window tints. 3m window tints is best automotive tint manufactures as compared to others.




7 keys to creating great content by making lists

There are many writers (and readers) who cannot bear the articles turned into enumerations and, before you abruptly abandon the reading of the present, capital smart city want to show you how they can become useful.

We are not going to ignore the attractiveness or the large number of lists that travel the network of the type “12 celebrities that you would not recognize today” or “6 reasons why being the middle brother is a guarantee of success”.

Human psychological behaviors haven’t changed much after all, and it’s an aspect that savvy marketers don’t overlook.
One of them is that, for some reason, we are somewhat mesmerized by the numbers. When we see a number in a headline, part of our brain is activated and we are more likely to inquire into that article.

Does this mean that an article reaches more readers depending on whether or not it contains a number in the headline? No. A number is a good resource to attract attention, but it should not discredit a solid writing strategy, a good content job or an effective promotion .

Granted, many people start reading because of the “power” of the number, but it’s not the right place to start as writers.

1. Don’t start with a numbered list

If you have been commissioned with a listed item, don’t just open a Word document and list ten rows that you will fill out. It is the easiest and fastest, but it is not the right thing to do.

The first thing is to find that seed that will give you the impulse to investigate, that question that needs an answer, that point that piques your curiosity. And this key is only in your audience.

In addition, some of the best lists have emerged from the reorganization of texts with elaborate and informative content.

2. Understand what is the problem you are solving

Yes, there may be problems that do not shine because they are too entertaining. This is where your great work as a copywriter is put to the test! In that ability to understand the anxieties that stir your audience , their fears, concerns, their needs to know and what they are not willing to lose.

Each audience has specific needs. A good tip is to write down all those concerns that worry your readers and, from there, prepare articles listed, when it makes sense, or using another method of persuasion that you apprehend.

3. What makes it fascinating?

The cornerstone of good content is usefulness, but usefulness without interest is already covered by Wikipedia . In the same way that a boring article, however interesting it may be, is not successful.

Nor is it worth writing magnificent headlines heading boring or mediocre content, the only thing that you will achieve with this “great” strategy is that the audience is trained faster to avoid your website.

A good content writer does not stop with the inherently interesting problem, but focuses on the angles, looking for fascinating elements. A good writer is capable of elevating content from “moderately useful” to “must-read” , and it is the narration or storytelling that will make your writing unforgettable.

This is where the art of the poet comes in, his ability to play with language and fascinate the audience.

4. What is the strategic objective?

Creating content just to get traffic and make advertisers happy is the worst way to make your page live.

Content marketing has changed the rules of the game. It is not just about attracting looks, but exists to support a business in the sense of attracting new perspectives, educating and nurturing these looks before they are ready to buy .

There is content to build customer loyalty and content to educate prospects regarding the reasons why you are the best option to solve their problems.

It is not about launching content “to see what happens”, but about understanding your content strategy and why you are writing what you are writing.

5. Make it digestible

At this point, it is necessary to structure the writing in a way that is pleasant to consume, and this happens by avoiding long paragraphs of text, tiny typography or low-quality audiovisual material.

A good presentation does not save a mediocre content, but it does make reading a well-prepared text enjoyable.

6. Promotion does matter

Develop a network of specialist advertisers on your subject, cultivate your reputation as someone who creates epic material, and remember that nothing sells on its own . Even great content needs a little push.

7. What is the next step for the reader?

The hardest part of content writing is that you are only good as long as your post is .

So if you carefully follow the first six steps and end up with a good audience of fascinated readers who want to know more, don’t forget to have thought carefully about the steps you want these readers to take .



Purchase Online Leather Kilt

Modern-day Kilts are made from the same timeless plaid wool and fabric clothes that were worn for centuries. scottish kilt Today, kilt designers create styles using unique materials that appeal to contemporary men. Your leather kilt is one of the latest fashions that have come out of kilt manufacturer’s workshops. Continue reading to learn more.

A kilt, which is a long skirt made for men and not women, is what you’re looking for. However, many girls wear kilts today. The classic kilt was made of tartan plaid fabric, which is a type of plaid fabric that originated in Scotland. New materials and leather kilts were created as the times changed.

A leather kilt, a men’s kilt made from leather, is one of the many types of leather. A vegan leather or PUR leather kilt is made of a plastic material which looks and feels like the real thing. Today, leather kilts are available in a variety of colors. While brown and black are the most common, you can also find kilts made in other colors, such as blue, red and green.

There are many styles and designs of leather kilts. These designs usually have horizontal panels in the fronts and pleats at their sides. Many of these kilts will have buckling strap closings. Moderner versions may include cargo pockets with edgy vase like studs and chains.

Some of these kilts are inspired by biker gear instead of traditional kilts. These include chaps-style Kilts that can be worn over jeans or pants, and asymmetrical Gladiator-style Kilts that are shorter.


Purchase Online Leather Kilt

Modern-day Kilts are made from the same timeless plaid wool and fabric clothes that were worn for centuries. Today, kilt designers create styles using unique materials that appeal to contemporary men. Your leather kilt is one of the latest fashions that have come out of kilt manufacturer’s workshops. men’s utility kilt Continue reading to learn more.

A kilt, which is a long skirt made for men and not women, is what you’re looking for. However, many girls wear kilts today. The classic kilt was made of tartan plaid fabric, which is a type of plaid fabric that originated in Scotland. New materials and leather kilts were created as the times changed.

A leather kilt, a men’s kilt made from leather, is one of the many types of leather. A vegan leather or PUR leather kilt is made of a plastic material which looks and feels like the real thing. Today, leather kilts are available in a variety of colors. While brown and black are the most common, you can also find kilts made in other colors, such as blue, red and green.

There are many styles and designs of leather kilts. These designs usually have horizontal panels in the fronts and pleats at their sides. Many of these kilts will have buckling strap closings. Moderner versions may include cargo pockets with edgy vase like studs and chains.

Some of these kilts are inspired by biker gear instead of traditional kilts. These include chaps-style Kilts that can be worn over jeans or pants, and asymmetrical Gladiator-style Kilts that are shorter.


Traditional vs. Relational marketing

Do you know how to differentiate traditional Marketing vs relationship marketing?

Surely you know, or at least have ever heard, the terms “Relationship Marketing” and “Traditional Marketing”. Well, could you say what kind of marketing strategy your company follows?

In the event that your main objective is to sell , and of course, to win, win and win, Skymarketing must tell you that you follow a traditional marketing strategy . Even if you think this approach is positive, you are wrong. You should know that following a traditional marketing strategy was worth it before, but not now. While if your goal is to establish long-term relationships with your clients, offer an experience and generate value for both parties, among many other things, congratulations! You are on the right track.

“Creating and maintaining lasting and stable relationships over time is the main objective of relationship marketing.”  

After this brief description of the objectives of each strategy, we are going to delve deeper into the matter and discover how to differentiate traditional Marketing vs Relationship Marketing.

Thus, you will be able to deepen (in the case that you are still anchored in traditional marketing), about the wonders that relationship marketing can bring to your company.

1. Knowing how to differentiate Traditional Marketing vs. Relational marketing

We will now analyze what kind of qualities each type of marketing has according to its orientation, relationship, contact with the client, communication, advertising, after-sales segment, desired results and level of satisfaction.

1.1 Characteristics of Traditional Marketing

  •  Orientation: to the economic benefit, that is, an increase in sales.
  •  Relationship: in the short term, their fidelity does not matter.
  •  Contact with the client: sporadic contact, scarce. Low emphasis on customer service.
  •  Communication: unidirectional (company to client).
  •  Advertising: direct and massive (traditional media), since its target audience is broad, homogeneous and mass.
  •  After-sales segment: little or none, since its sale is quick and immediate.
  •  Desired results: sales closed, order volume.
  •  Satisfaction level: satisfied customers with a purchase, since their center of activity is the product / service.



1.2 Relational Marketing Features

  •  Orientation: to the customer relationship, creating an exchange of value, not only economic.
  •  Relationship: medium / long term. WIN-WIN, generating value for both parties.
  •  Customer contact: continuous, direct contact. High emphasis on customer service
  •  Communication: bidirectional and collaborative (company-client).
  •  Advertising: personalized, that is, it is not focused or directed to the mass, but to small groups of people (targets).
  •  After-sales segment: continued, as it offers experiences beyond a product or service. They seek customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  •  Desired results: confidence, continuous learning. Mutual benefits and constant evolution.
  •  Satisfaction level: clients satisfied with the relationship.

“We are in the middle of a revolution. A revolution in which the traditional principles and models of marketing will become obsolete. A revolution that will change the face of marketing forever. A revolution that will replace traditional attributes and benefits marketing with relationship marketing”


2. Traditional Marketing Strategies vs. Relational marketing 

Now that you know both approaches better, as a summary we are going to highlight the main strategies of Traditional Marketing vs. Relational marketing.

  •  Attract vs. Loyalty

While the main objective of traditional marketing is to attract and attract the maximum number of customers, relationship marketing aims to more than attract, retain them. And how is this achieved? It is not as complicated as you think. The continuous exchange of information will generate greater knowledge and this will create VALUE.


Ah! You must not forget that following a relationship marketing strategy will not only favor the permanence of your current clients, it will also help to get new ones, thanks to the role of “ambassadors” that your satisfied clients will exercise among their circles.



  •  Persuasion vs. Information

In the early days of marketing, the form of communication between company and client was very focused on persuading and attracting the maximum public, making use of the benefits or benefits of the products. Fortunately, this is no longer the case today.

Now, companies (mostly), focus on generating valuable information, as a way to retain and keep their customers satisfied.


We have the best way to attract … and fall in love


  •  Homogenization vs. Differentiation

As a result of the saturation of new products that invade our days, the values ​​of “quality” and “innovation” no longer have the power that they previously had.

As a consequence, companies and brands must look for other elements to be able to differentiate themselves from their competition. Do you know what they could be? The quality of the service and the treatment with the client. Some intangibles that could crown your company as a benchmark.


  •  Products vs. Experiences

Nowadays, thanks to the continuous evolution of marketing, it is no longer necessary to speak of “products”, but of “experiences”.

Now, thanks to relationship marketing, the product has become the best way to develop customer experiences. The interactions and continuous exchanges of information between both parties help to generate an experience that will remain in the memory of our clients.





  •  Short term vs. Medium-long term

As we have been advancing throughout the post, the objective of traditional marketing was to sell quickly, without taking into account either the type of customer or their loyalty (new, current, previous …). To achieve the highest number of closed transactions or sales, use was made mainly of commercial promotions.

Against this, relationship marketing focuses on relationships of value and trust, which will favor profitability, as the relationship between the parties progresses.


  •  Mass marketing vs. Personalization

Every day we are exposed to more than a thousand impacts of products, and only a small proportion of them manage to be retained in our memory. Mass marketing today has very little to do with those companies that opt ​​for personalization strategies, that is, that specifically address the needs of small groups of people.

The location of interest groups, who share patterns of consumption and behavior, is great to be able to design strategies or actions focused on them, generating value.


  •  Figures vs. Knowledge

Ignorance and lack of data is something that characterized traditional companies.

At present, thanks to the development of relational strategies, these have favored the obtaining of valuable information: personal data, interests, purchasing habits, preferences…

The exploitation (in the good sense of the word) of this information can put us in a very advantageous position compared to our competitors. Thanks to this, we will be able to improve our way of contacting customers, our value proposition, will favor decision-making, among many other things. And yes, once again we have seen how information is power.


Do you want to know some B2B companies that have succeeded thanks to Relationship Marketing in Connext? Get to know their success stories!


  1. Fermax. Amultinational specialized in video intercoms and home communications had a website designed to reach end consumers, but they had little traffic and conversion from their main customers: installers and distributors.

For this reason, they decided to create a professional website with a technical blog to share more specialized information about their systems and create a recruitment channel that would allow them to be in direct contact with their buyer personas. Do you want to know what your result was? Find out in your success story!