Additional Service Charges for Car Rental Services

Whether you were planning a vacation to Dubai with some friends and family or your car broke down, you have to go somewhere in an emergency, we all have faced a situation where we had to hire services from a cheap rent a car Dubai. We often go outside to see infomercials and billboards of these rent a car service with attractive services and price packages. These attractive and pocket-friendly price packages are sure to attract anyone. However, there are a few charges that are not included in these price packages. It is very important to beware of these charges that you will be asked to pay in order to rent a car from these rental car services.

It is very important to carefully determine the base charges. Also, it is referring to the rate or the fare per day. There is two criterion that the cheap rent a car Dubai use to determine the base charges:

  1. If you are renting the car for a single day then the base charges are dependent on either the number of hours for which the car was used, or the number of miles or kilometers travelled by car.
  2. In case of renting the car for more than a day, the base charges are determined by the number of days for which the car was used.

By default, more days, which you rent the car is less than the base charges and vice versa. Therefore it is a good idea to avail the services of a cheap rent a car Dubai company if you need the service for more than just a day.

The customer who is renting the car is also responsible for paying for the fuel refill of the car. Make sure to check the fuel tank once you pick-up the car and ensure that it is full. You have to get the tank refilled before returning the car. This amount is also excluded in the car rental charges. If you also opt to get a driver with the rented car you will be charged additionally to pay for the driver as well. In the case of hiring a driver with the rented car, the driver himself will be held responsible for paying for any speeding tickets or fines. However, if you do not hire a driver and choose to drive the car yourself then you will have to pay for any valet service charges, speeding tickets or fines yourself.

The cheapest rent a car Dubai also offer to provide some additional equipment along with your car, for instance, baby car seats, auxiliary wires and portable sound systems. If you choose to opt for any of these additional services be vary that you will have to pay some additional charges as well.

Car rental services are no doubt a huge blessing as they are an easy and convenient mean of travelling and transportation however you should read the terms and conditions properly before signing the agreement to avoid additional and hidden charges at the end.