Different Kratom Strains and Different Methods of Consumption

The Colorful Kratom Veins

Kratom Veins are available in three different colors. Each type of color has particular characteristic features. The different colored kratoms have different beneficial properties. These colors are white, red, and green. Goldenmonkkratom has an enormous stock of all the various types of strains for different purposes.goldenmonkkratom

The Red Kratom

The most effective and widely popular kratom is the red strained one. This type of kratom is rich in 7-hydoxymitragynine. This substance is present in the chemically manufactured painkillers. Thus, the red vein is an effective and natural alternative to the painkillers.

The White Kratom

White Vein has certain properties that can magnify your physical energy. It can also help build a stronger immune system for your body. This Goldenmonkkrtom product is a natural substitute for caffeine.

The Green Kratom

The Green Vein consists of the youngest kratom plants. Thus, it cannot match the red or the white vein when it comes to potency. However, it has the properties to act as a painkiller and an energy amplifier at the same time. Even though this strain has effects of both red and green kratom, it is not as powerful as either.

Various Ways of Kratom Consumption

Kratom is an easy substance to consume. It is available in various forms. Thus, you get to opt for the method that is the easiest for you. You can consume fresh kratom leaves directly. If you are not comfortable with chewing leaves, you can always go for powder, capsule or extracts.

Direct Consumption

Kratom normally grows in Indonesia, Thailand, or Malaysia. Thus, the local residents can easily get their hands on some fresh kratom leaves. It is the easiest way of consuming kratom for them. This method is highly effective as the direct consumption eliminates the chances of alkaloid wastage.

Go for the Powder

Goldenmonkkratom collects the best kratom strains. This company produces numerouskratom powders by grinding the strains. Golden Monk prepares the powder in two different types. You can either buy the ultra-fine powdered versions or the powder of crushed leaves. You may choose either as the result remains the same.

Kratom Decoction

The decoction of kratom strains is extremely potent and powerful. You can boil the kratom leaves in water to make an extract. This extract is purely alkaloid. The next step includes the vaporization of the excess water. The kratom decoction contains a high amount of mitragynine, mitraphylline, and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Capsule Kratoms

Goldenmonkkratom has made it possible to consume kratom in the form of capsules. The Golden Monk team puts a certain amount or kratom powder in each capsule shell. Thus, it is easier to intake. The capsule form also helps in tracking the amount consumed. This reduces the risk of overdose. A single packet contains capsules of similar ability. Hence, the dosage is consistent and proper.goldenmonkkratom

Before You Buy

Goldenmonkkratom sells kratom products for educational analysis only. FDA has warned about the harmful effects of kratom consumption. Thus, when you purchase the product from this website, you declare that you are of 18 years or more. This organization does not encourage kratom consumption for medical purposes.