What will happen if I get pulled over intoxicated?

Driving while being under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a highly irresponsible thing. It is not only a crime that is the violation of traffic rules but it also the violation of the moral and ethical code of conduct as well. Since is such a serious crime, therefore, it has serious consequences as well. The person found guilty would have to spend some time in jail and might be fined heavily.

Before actually moving on to the consequences and procedures that one has to face if he gets pulled over for DWI, it is very important to answer the most commonly asked to question what is the definition of DWI? People often confuse DWI and DUI and feel that both these offenses are the same. However, that is not the case. In case of a DUI, is the term that is used for the driver that has been accused after he has been charged and found guilty? Whereas the term DWI only refers to driving while being in a state of drunkenness.

Despite the fact that people are educated and are fully aware of the seriousness and the consequences of getting a DWI, yet the DWI statistics increase every year and the number of people driving under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicants only increases. It I important to be aware of the protocol that would be followed if you get pulled over based on the accusation that they were driving while being drunk.


  • Stopping the car:

The first step is that the cop will stop your car. Most of the times this is done because the driver might have made some other mistake and might have committed some other traffic rule violation.

  • Asking For Documents:

After asking the driver to pull over, the cop will ask him for documents such as his license, car documents, and insurance documents etc.

  • General Questions:

In order to judge your state, the cop might also ask you where you havebeen. Why you went out? For how long have you been out? Have you had any intoxicant? This is to see and strengthen the hypothesis of the cop that you are drunk as a drunk person would be confused and might have an error in speech.

  • Looking For Clues:

While talking to you the cop will be observing you and your gestures to see if you have been drinking. Some of the most common symptoms he would look for include bloodshot red eyes, odor in breaths, slurry speech and difficulty recalling stuff etc.

  • Physical Tests:

Do not worry it is not the time to get yourself a Houston DWI attorney as you still haven’t been charged. The attorney may perform some physical tests which include walking or performing a certain physical activity to judge your state.

  • Chemical Tests:

Even if after all the above-mentioned protocols and your performance in the physical test, the officer is still doubtful he might perform an alcohol test using your breath or blood as a sample to check for the alcohol level in the blood.


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