Vlogging (Video Blogging) – Get Started

Vlogging (Video Blogs) have become very popular on the internet and it is a way for you to have yourself onto the internet and grow a community full of people who can correspond with you.

Why video blog? If you’re that type of one who isn’t a fan of typing out a full story within your take and what is on your mind, video blogging is for anyone. It also lets people see who you are and can grow some sort of fanbase/community quickly.

So what is needed to start a video blog? First of all, make a YouTube account. A very simple setup and uploads video quickly. If you haven’t heard of YouTube yet, you have now. Take up a blog too. I suggest using blogspot. Blogspot is very straightforward to setup and has a good choice of templates to make your site look nice. With these two things, you can upload videos to YouTube, then embed the video onto your blog site. To embed your training video, after your video uploads, go view your online video media. On the right side of the video in the grey field next to your video, there will be an embed and in typically the white box is text. Highlight that text along with copy it. Simply paste it in your blog post on your own blog site with best vlogging camera 2018 cheap.
Now that we have our YouTube and blog site build up. You can focus on a camera to buy. The best camera to work with for vlogging are Flip CamsNot only are all these cameras inexpensive, they are very easy to use. If you have money, get spend it on the Flip HD Cam. The video appears to be amazing. With Flip Cams, they are very easy to post to your computer. If you want to edit your videos, which most of the people do. If you own a PC, go with Windows Movie Designer. It should come with your computer. It’s very easy to use. If you own a Macintosh personal computer. Use iMovie. iMovie is also easy to use, but takes a bit more time to get the hang of it than Windows Movie Brewer.