Know how to maintain your garage door

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A faulty garage door is one of the most dangerous items in your home. This is because it can cause a lot of accidents considering that many garage door are heavy. Maintaining your garage door is important to avoid the need for constant repairs or replacement.

Below are important tips to help you know how to maintain your garage door:

Lubrication of moving parts.

Lubrication is an important procedure in maintaining your garage door. Rust can pose great danger in some parts of the garage door like the rails, metal rollers and hinges. To protect these parts from rust it is important to regularly lubricate them using a quality lubricant. When these parts are exposed to rust, they become weak and they are likely to break easily. Regular lubrication will keep these parts from rust and your garage door can have for a long time.

Using a weather sealant.

A weather sealant offers a lot of protection to your garage door. Apply a weather sealant on the door frame and on the outside of the garage door. The weather sealant will protect your door from rain water and also extreme temperatures. Rain water is likely to cause corrosion that may lead to rusting or decay of the garage door. In addition to protection, a weather sealant is also a good way of saving energy.

Dusting and cleaning.

Dusting and cleaning is a good way of maintaining your garage door. Dusting will help maintain the appearance of your garage door and will also protect your door from harboring unwanted pests that thrive in dusty corners of your garage door. During dusting you will get an opportunity to notice any areas of your garage door that may need repair. In case you garage door needs repair you may call Gary’s Garage Door Repair LV for professional repair services at an affordable rate.



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Losing a set of car keys can be a costly lesson

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Losing a set of car keys and calling a locksmith can be a costly lesson. I recently I lost a key to a 2005 Toyota Camry. It pays to always keep a spare handy. When deciding what to do about a new key there are several things you may or may not consider doing, everything affects the price. Going to the Car dealership is not the always most economical. Calling a locksmith is and can be an easier route.



Most cars today have remote entry and or remote start. My vehicle does not have a key fob but is a metal key encased in rubber. This particular key in fact contains a computerized chip. When calling around Locksmiths will have a wide range of prices. Metal keys are not metal keys anymore.

There is usually a service charge by the locksmith just for coming out. A locksmith will also have a minimum labor fee. When speaking to an auto locksmith they will require proof that you are the registered owner of the vehicle. When a car has a computer chip the locksmith has to pay for what is called a “programming fee” and this cost is passed on to you to cover their cost.

In some cases your key is separate to open the car and drive the car. My key opens both my car doors, trunk (or boot) and turns the ignition over. The locksmith said if you have a separate key for the door and ignition chances are your vehicle does not have its original ignition. Fortunately, for me I only have the one key. The locksmith said that this is the most common situation.

The locksmith will charge a higher price for the first key and a lower price for the second. Having an ignition barrel switched out verses a duplicate key made will bring the cost even higher. The best way to avoid overpricing or higher costs is to call around to different locksmiths, do some research and come up with the best solution for you.

– D. Long, San Diego

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Steps to Prevent You From Locking Yourself Out of Your Car

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It might sound funny, silly even, until it happens to you. Every day, thousands of people manage to lock themselves out of their car. To those who do not, this might seem like an impossible undertaking that we could not achieve even if we really tried. But, as life has undoubtedly shown us, mistakes happen. So, in order to keep you from being one of those unlucky individuals who embarrassingly call an auto locksmith because they have locked themselves out of their own car, here are some simple tips to always bear in mind.

Have a ritual
The best way to ensure that you minimize your chances of locking yourself out of your car is to create an exit strategy. You should have a ritual that you perform every time you want to exit your car. Use the same process and steps every single day to gather your belongings and to take out the key before exiting and slamming the car door behind you. If you do this every day, you will soon find that it becomes a habit that gets ingrained into your muscle memory. Only then can you successfully do it mindlessly.

Use a lanyard
By using a lanyard, your car keys always end up on your body, no matter how hurriedly you exit the car. This ensures that your car keys are where you are at all times.
Keep a copy of your keys on your person. By using an experienced auto locksmith to make a copy of your car keys, you can always ensure that the extra copy is either in your wallet or purse at all times. You can even make more and keep them in safe, easy to get to places just in case you leave one inside your car. Believe it or not, locking yourself out of your own car is something that happens more often than you may think.

It is up to you to be proactive to ensure that you do not need an auto locksmith every time it happens. If you are one of the many people that this does happen to, and you happen to be in the Las Vegas area, give Lee’s Locksmith – Auto a call today.

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How to restore a car on a budget

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Garage door

It is said that only 30% of car restorations make it to completion, why? Lack of funds. Knowing how to restore a car may be very simple, but implementing what you learn requires a lot of time, effort and a significant amount of money. Professional will tell you that it will take you 1000 hours to complete a restoration process on your car. However, there are easier ways you can be able to accomplish the task without necessarily having to break the bank.

Restore the right car

Taking time to look for the best bang for your money is number one way to keep down your budget. You may need to restore a car that is already partially restored and stopped due to lack of money or time. One man’s loss is usually another man’s gain, so you may be able to score a good deal on that. It is, however, important to get a good appraisal before you make a choice.

Finding parts

You need lots of replacement part when restoring a car, but some of the parts can be salvaged from the car itself. Online is usually the best place to begin your shopping since you will find thousand of companies available selling new parts. Although the online parts may be new and convenient, going to your local salvage centers may give you the best price on parts.

Online car collector groups are some of the places you might find cheap parts but before you shell out your cash,verify that they are original.

Do it yourself

When on a budget, it may be advisable to be prepared to do as much work as you can by yourself and ask your knowledgeable friends whenever you get stuck. Eventually, you might find yourself looking for the help of a profession but as long as you have the necessary skills, you should not have problems getting it half way done. However, the painting part is highly recommended to be done by the professional.

What you need here is a classic restored car, so if you do not have a fair amount of skills, then you are probably wasting your time and money by creating a mess on your car. When doing it yourself, you must be patient! Don’t wake up tomorrow and expect to have your ride, no it might take you more than a year to restore a car. There is no getting around that if you want a classic look in your car.


Why do you want to restore a car?

This might seem a silly question especially if you have never restored any old car before. If you have, you probably know how it’s fun, especially if your goal is to get it back to its original glory and on the road again. Asking yourself that question every time you are working on a restoration process, or when buying a restored car will make you enjoy the working on it, or enjoy a true labor of love. Restoring a car is like playing golf; you have to learn the strict rules, and etiquette in this game, but by the end of the day, it is supposed to be fun.

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